I don’t think I could skateboard on Leia’s face. But I could display the deck, for sure.


mt. tam state park, mill valley, calif


Photo by AlexisCoramThe Golden Gate Bridge is one of the major highlights in the Bay Area. Photogenic from so many different vantage points, including this one… miles away on the other side of the San Francisco Bay. This image was taken just after the sun dipped below the horizon. I chose a long exposure to soften the flow of the magnificent low-lying fog (could be mistaken for giant waves) that draped the bridge. The little island sitting just in front of the bridge is the infamous Alcatraz. Hit the share button if you like it  For more:


I hear this badass hoodie is made of real Wookiee fur. Say it with me, “I NEED this!”


This feeling is addictive.

Kids, always stay awake in the car.

this is so calming

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